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Available Benefits Include:
Death - Your family has their home paid for, in full, days later.
Disability - Total monthly mortgage payments paid, due to illness or injury.
Unemployment - If you become unemployed, the premiums are paid.
Return of Premium - Refunds 100% of your premiums paid in.

Mortgage Insurance PMI - Protects the lender in the event of default, the borrower remains liable.
Mortgage Protection Insurance -
Protects borrowers should anything happen that could affect your ability to repay the mortgage including death, disability or serious illness. Continually surveying the insurance industry to determine which of the top rated companies offer the most competitive rates with quality coverage and systematically comparing their prices to give you the best rates. Since prices can vary greatly, this process can mean significant savings to you. Get your mortgage insurance quote today. The best in quality protection for your family and the best dollar value for you.
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Charles M. Taylor & Associates Life Insurance Brokers

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Protect your loved ones against loss and save for the future.
Life Insurance if you need it & your money back if you don't.

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All benefits are not available in all states, serving Houston and the surrounding communities.
*All coverage information provided by Independent Life & Disability agents representing multiple A and A+ carriers offering Life and specialized Mortgage Protection Products. Not affiliated with any lending institution.*The Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance plan may be purchased by the homeowner at a later date, but will be subject to a medical exam and more extensive underwriting which in many cases can result in a higher rate.

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